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Last Updated:  February 20, 2014

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Toyger Kitten


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Toyger Cat - RomanToygers Visage


The Toyger is a mind boggling amazing designer breed that is taking the world by storm. They are super intelligent, loving, affectionate, playful and extremely entertaining.
RomanToygers is dedicated to the development of the Toyger breed and creating this "toy like tiger"  breed to a new level. It's more than pattern for us. It's a "BIG CAT LOOK" in a medium sized domestic cat.

RomanToygers is focused on producing MORE than just beautifully striped Toygers. We are very focused on creating high contrast, non-fading patterns in addition to what really makes a Toyger a special breed, the never seen before in a domestic cat BIG CAT type in a domestic cat. We are working closely with Judy Sugden, breed creator, in developing the big cat head with long powerful muzzles and heavy chin,  smaller eyes, wide nose leathers, small rounded ears and one of our favourite looks, the very rare over the back striping. A back striping that no other domestic cat in the world has.

All of our toyger cats come with health guarantees, contracts, wormed, socialized, vaccinated (booklet included) and have seen their veterinarian before going to thier new homes at approximately 12 weeks.  We are always available to offer after support and answer questions for the entire lifespan of your toyger kitten you receive from us as well. You will never be left alone in the dark so to say. All of our Toyger kittens are raised in the home with us so they are very well socialized with humans and dogs.

For toyger kitten buyers outside of the USA, we can offer international shipping, when possible.  We understand that life doesn't always permit us to travel so we are happy to assist your shipping needs.   Of course we would rather you come here to meet them and us in person as you just can't know the toyger until you've been around them.  We like to know where our kids are going and to make sure they have loving, caring and proper homes.

* Note: Not all cat are located on premises.
We are a TICA registered cattery #18554

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